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Well, why not sesamemilk?

Our family-run company asked that question a few years ago. After all, sesame is a super seed, naturally rich in protein and minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium & more), sesame grows worldwide in even super dry conditions, and it’s delicious! 

We were disappointed with the other nondairy milks on the market – especially with their sustainability and protein content. Dairy milk has 8g of protein per 8 oz – but most almond milks have a 1g or less of protein per serving. That’s because there aren’t a lot of almonds in almond milk – it’s basically almond-flavored water. And speaking of water, it takes an awful lot of that to grow almonds.

So for our family and yours, we created sesamemilk, and ensured that it also met our highest possible standards & certifications, including: 


Sesamemilk is pretty delicious

Sesame has a rich, nutty and delicious flavor, enjoyed in all sorts of savory & sweet foods, from hummus to candy.  In sesamemilk, we round out that complex flavor with minimal sweeteners; in fact, sesamemilk contains less sugar than dairy milk (even our chocolate flavors have 50% of the sugar of chocolate milk!)

Creamy and tasty with a sesame note, sesamemilk is pretty versatile - great on its own, in smoothies, coffee, and any other way you use milks.

Sesamemilk has lots of protein. Good protein.

Each 8oz serving of sesamemilk contains the protein from 5,000 sesame seeds. Featuring our own Sesamein™ protein concentrate, Hope & Sesame sesamemilk a ‘good source of protein’ per FDA guidelines. It’s also one of the only non-dairy milks with a complete amino acid profile, meaning it’s a complete vegetarian protein.

Sesamemilk is highly sustainable

Sesame is a crop that grows worldwide in dry conditions, and a good harvest can be grown in 120 days with little irrigation required.

Our shelf-stable sesamemilk is organic, and packaged in recyclable Tetra Pak® cartons, which provide a long shelf life without refrigeration.

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Here are the deals:

We want you to try sesamemilk. We hope you’ll love it.  So here are a few amazing offers to get you started with Hope & Sesame!


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