Hope & Sesame is committed building a company with three core values: offering innovative, nutritious products, promoting ethical fair trade practices, and using certified organic farming methods to protect the planet. We love sesame because of its sublime flavor, but that’s just the beginning of what makes it special.

Sesame has a long history with mankind, being one the first crops every cultivated for flavor. We were inspired by these traditional farming techniques, like the fact that it thrives in arid climates, using far less water per acre than nut trees, and without the heavy environmental toll of corporate dairy farms. Our sesame fields are purely organic from seed to harvest, growing free from harsh pesticides and other unnatural chemical compounds.

Every seed is also certified non-GMO, which means that the delicious goodness in our products are 100% natural, not genetically modified in a lab. Offering foods that are good for humans and our world. Each milk is housed in recyclable packaging, minimizing environmental impact in our supply chain is an essential part of Hope & Sesame’s strategy to build a healthier future.